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My Money Back Guarantee is Simple....
My reputation speaks for itself and so does my Craps My Way Book.
I stand 100% behind my product and my money back guarantee.
So, try my ebook for 14 days and if your not completely satisfied
with the product you received, you can simply return it for your full
purchased price. If my style of play does not produce the best odds
of winning in the casinos, return it. If the ebook program does not
meet your standards, just return it. If I don't supply enough craps
information in my ebook for the small price you paid, return it. How
can you lose? All this information for such a low price! If you have
any questions, please email me.
"Made Simple"...."No Hassle"...."Money Back Guarantee"

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Refund Policy:
1. Return the original Craps My Way eBook CD in the original CD
    sleeve I provided upon purchase to Craps My Way, New Orleans,
    LA. 70130.
2. Downloads are included in my guarantee.
3. Submit your information in the Refund Form below. All fields
    are required.
4. Once I receive your craps my way ebook cd, I will send you a
    full refund. I will then credit your account.
5. Refund Form must be completed for transaction to be finalized.
6. I only ship CD's in the United States. Thank You.

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