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Craps Consulting Service

Fees may vary depending on the clients needs.
Please contact me at this site to discuss your

Consulting Locations... New Orleans,  LA.
                                        Las Vegas, NV.
                                        Biloxi ,  MS.
                                        Tunica,  MS.

General Rates......$60.00 per hour.
For a  5  Hour Session...$250.00
Very Professional and Very Informative.
Please inquire for more information.


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                   From a Professional
                    Marie D....New Orleans, LA
"He was very professional and knowledgeable.
The craps consulting was excellent. I've been
winning more  money playing craps ever since
I took the craps strategy lesson. Thanks".

Ronald L....Charlotte, NC
"I hooked up with Richard in New Orleans. He
really does know how to make money at the
casino craps table. I like his craps strategy.
Thanks, man 
             Kenneth W
....Colorado Springs, CO
"The craps book was fantastic! I like your craps strategy.  I'm playing it now and making more
money at the casino craps table. I'm headed to
Vegas to hook up with him for football season".
                  Mary L
....Kennwick, WA
"I was hesitant at first because I know that
craps gambling is a risk, but his craps strategy
made sense. Vegas, here I come. Thanks again".

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